Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress – Plugin

This version is no longer being supported.  Please download the Premium version of the plugin here:

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  2. tom

    Very cool plugin. I am new to WP and wonder if you are still planning to do an update with scrolling an open in new window or the like

  3. tom


    my presentation hangs way right if I make it bigger. is there a way to cneter it now or get it to open in a new window?


  4. Brian

    Hi Tom,

    I do plan on making an update to the plugin that will allow for more control. In the meantime, check out the FAQ section in the link below:

    It should be able to answer your questions for you.

    If you want to simply open your presentation in a new window, just copy and paste the URL (the text after the ‘src’ section) and add the code for a traditional link:

    I hope that helps!

  5. lora

    I keep having an error -1 when I try to update a zipped presentation. I don’t see where I can look up this error. Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong?


  6. Brian

    Hi Lora,

    I apologize for the issues that you’re having. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the error?

    Please email it to:

    brian at



  7. tom

    Hey Lora,

    your problem is that your server side setting for max file upload is set to low. The first place to look is your php.ini file and then round up the other usual suspects so to speak. If all else fails, call your web host tech support and explain that your max file upload is set too low and can thye help you.

    I am not sure how you change this if you are running off word press ,org. you may just be limited on file size.

    I set my max upload at 100mb

  8. tom

    Hey Brian,

    any chance you are working on a plugin to upload storyline packages to WP. That would be too cool. I would pay you…..

  9. Brian

    Hi Tom,

    Feel free to send that check over since the plugin is already compatible with Storyline output! :)

    Actually, the plugin can be used with just about any development tool that outputs an HTML file. The code is setup to look for a single .html file in the root of the content. So, if it finds one, it automatically grabs the file name & adds the appropriate code to display it in an iframe. The plugin can probably be used for a lot of other tools…



  10. Brian

    Hi Tom,

    Storyline is coming very soon. We’ve been beta testing for several weeks and have squashed a lot of bugs. Hopefully, we’ll see it sooner than later!

  11. Sam


    The plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me. I upload to wp-content OK but the size of the iframe on the published post is much smaller than expected (I have tried increasing the size of the theme column without improvement) and the actual iframe is of my home page and not the uploaded articulate object.

    Any suggestions?


  12. Vijay

    Hi, I tried embedding a articulate presentation in my wp website; instead of the video player frame, the below Index and path displays on the post. What should i do?

    Index of /wp-content/uploads/articulate_uploads/Amylase_&_Lipase_Summary
    Parent Directory
    Amylase & Lipase Summary/


  13. Brian

    Hi Vijay,

    Do you have any special characters in the ZIP name of your file? If so, try removing them and see if that resolves the issue. If you continue to have problems, email me here.

  14. Vijay

    Hi Brian
    I removed all the special characters in the ZIP file name…but sill has the same problem. I can see all the folder path and submenu in the screen and i have to dig in to it to find the player.html file to play the file.
    could you help me

  15. Annamarie

    Okay, so my file is “too big.” The above info didn’t help at all.
    Can I simply put my articulate zipped file in the uploads/articulate_uploads directory? OR do I have to unzip it?

    Or how do I change the max size? Bit more detail would be useful. Thanks,

  16. Kurt

    This plug in is great! Here’s my problem, I’ve got a good Articulate file that’s 5.78 MB size. I can’t upload it. I get the “files is too big” message. Is there anything that can be done to permit me to use this file.

    I’m a technology moron, so please pitch your reply at the 3rd grade level.

  17. D

    I’m getting a permissions error.

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/articulate_uploads/CEAgendaModule6/ on this server.

    This is WP 3.3.1

    I changed the permissions of the articulate_uploads folder to match the uploads folder but that didn’t work.

  18. Sean

    Love the plugin! It works great and has made my job easier (in fact I had no clue how to get the Articulate file to work on the web at all prior).

    One question: is there a way to make the file automatically launch instead of requiring the user to click on the folder and then the player.html file?

    Perhaps I have done something wrong.

    Thank you,

  19. JNalducci

    Hey Brian,

    When I try to upload a ZIP file I’m am getting a simple dialog box with -1 in it and a OK button. Click OK and nothing happens. The upload_max_filesize it set ok. Any idea what -1 means?


  20. JNalducci

    OK, I corrected the -1 message.

    Had to also edit the max_execution_time, max_input_time, and post_max_size, along with upload_max_filesize in the php.ini

  21. Thomas

    Hello Brian,

    Installed and activated the plug in. Letter A appears where it should, however…………..

    Similar to Melanie Fine above, I cannot get my zip file to upload either. It is a small 3mb size file, and it just goes and goes for hours, and still no upload.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You,


  22. Greg Comfort

    Hi there. We’ve tried this plugin, and made the php.ini mods you recommend. When we upload using Chrome it reports in the status bar that the file was uploaded succcessfully, 100%.

    But nothing else happens after that. The uploader spinner continues to spin and just keeps on going.

    Are there any other parameters needed on the server?


  23. Brian

    Hi Greg,

    Try clicking on the HTML tab and then clicking the embed Articulate icon from your post or page. I’ve seen some issues like this occur if you are in the “Visual” editing portion of WordPress.

    Also, you’ll want to make sure that your server / hosting company supports the “exec” function in PHP. If not, the plugin will not work properly.

  24. Frank Natt

    We uploaded our Articulate Storyline file successfully and it plays just fine. The question that I have is when we view the content on the iPhone or iPad, the video doesn’t play.

    I’m just wondering is there specific settings for this or is there a particular video format that works better for this such as: FLV vs. Mpeg4, etc.?


  25. Adam


    Working with a client who uses Articulate, and I’ve gotten the pluggin to work… originally the client had the quiz inside a folder then zipped.. i.e. to deeply nested.. Got that figured out.

    Now, the issue is being able to have a list of quizes on a Page, clicking the list to have the quiz pop up.. i.e. fancyboxish… Suggestions?

    Sample is here – on the left side.



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  27. Frank Natt

    Hi there, I am trying to upload a Storyline course that I have created into the Buddypress Courseware. I have loaded the Articulate plug in but it does not appear to work within Buddypress Courseware. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  28. Brian

    Hi everyone. I just updated the plugin with a few new features and a few bug fixes. Please install the latest version & then let me know if you have any issues.

  29. Avery

    Hey Brian,

    Your plug in is great and your tutorial was spot on. New to the whole website thing and you made me feel like a champ.

    But I am having some of the same problems as Vijay above. I removed all the special characters in the ZIP file name but I can see all the folder path and submenu in the screen. The content is also too big and I have to dig in to it to find short answer exercise I made. Here is my link and you can click on Short Answer to see the Storyline exercise:

    Could you help me please?

    Thank you very much!

  30. Gary

    Hi Brian
    Downloaded the plugin. Installed and activated fine. Upload is an issue though. I get the -1 error. I modified the php.ini file as per your guide, but this made no difference to the upload not working.

    Any clues as to what else I can try?

    I confirmed with my webhost that php ‘exec’ function is supported by default.

  31. Jozsef Toth

    Hi Brian! Great plugin, I like it. However I noticed and I would need help on this. I have dropdown menus, and on IE the menus goes under the embeded presentation. In Chrome or Firefox it is fine. I tried in IE 9.
    Even with a fresh install of WordPress, with the original theme if there are several sub-menu points, it goes under the presentation.

    Please help me fix this or point to where to start to solve this.

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Philip Johnston

    Plugin is a great idea – unfortunately I get the following error when I try to launch the quiz:

    You don’t have permission to access /core/wp-content/uploads/articulate_uploads/Key_Signature_Training_Level_1_-_Quizmaker_output/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  33. Brian

    Hi Jozset. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this from within the plugin. However, you might try the solution in the link below:

    Essentially, you’ll need to add one of the following to the end of the HTML file:




    Example: story.html?wmode=transparent

    I honestly don’t know if it’ll work, but you might start there.

  34. Brian

    Hi Philip. I apologize for the issues that you’re having. Are you zipping a folder instead of the actual content? Make sure that you use the ZIP feature from the Publish Successful window instead of manually zipping the content. If you still have issues, can you send me a screenshot of what the visual or HTML editor looks like when you add the Articulate content? Email me: brian at

  35. Brian

    Hi Avery. Can you verify that you’re using the ZIP icon from the Publish Successful dialog to zip the content?

  36. Elaine

    We upload okay. When we embed however, the loading animation continues to run and on all web pages. So, we have to deactivate the plugin. Any fix for this?

  37. Brian

    Hi Elaine. Can you send me a link to an example on your site? Email me at brian at

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