Release Notes & Roadmap

xAPI Support

Easily track and run reports on content published to xAPI.  We’ve added support for Storyline and Rise first with Captivate and iSpring to come soon.  Available in version 5.90 or greater.

Use Your Theme's Buttons

Added support for launching content using your theme’s built-in button:

More Reports!

New reports include:

What content did a user view?
Who has not viewed a particular course?
How did people answer?

Fullscreen Support

Either insert your content as an iFrame or “Link that opens in a same window” to see the new Fullscreen Options. Once enabled, users can click on a button to launch the content in fullscreen. They can then use the Escape button to exit fullscreen mode. Go to to see it in action.

Change the Upload Directory

By default, all uploads get added to a folder called wp-content/uploads/articulate_uploads.  With this new feature, you’ll be able to customize the directory so that content gets uploaded to any directory you choose.

My Content

See every page or post that contains your e-learning content on a single screen.


= 5.94 = Latest version – July 2022
* This update substantially improves performance.
* Make less license check calls.
* Reduce calls that count the number of directories in the Content Library.
* Remove unncessary logging.
* Fixes issue where xAPI content would not launch in PHP 8.
* NEW: When you run a report on deleted content, you will now see a new button called Hide This Content From Reports. Clicking this button will prevent the content from showing in the dropdown to run reports. If you hide a content item from Reports, there is currently no way to make it visible again.

= 5.93 = June 2022
* The default lightbox (Color Box) and its themes are now responsive!
* Added better support for SCORM content. Instead of your content displaying a message saying it can’t communicate with an LMS, the content will now show as expected. You’ll need to re-upload your content to utilize this new functionality.
* xAPI support no longer requires PHP sessions. This fix resolves many unexpected issues created by adding xAPI functionality.
* We now display content better, especially when multiple content items are on the same page. Some buttons and text no longer display on the far left of a page or post.

= 5.92 =
We fixed an issue related to deleting attempts. We also resolved an issue with custom launch buttons where the orange Launch button would be displayed instead of the selected one. Finally, we added a min-width to the CSS for full screen mode to ensure content would cover the entire width of the screen.

= 5.91 =
Added support for fullscreen mode. Either insert your content as an iFrame or “Link that opens in a same window” to see the new Fullscreen Options. Once enabled, users can click on a button to launch the content in fullscreen. They can then use the Escape button to exit fullscreen mode. Go to to see it in action.

Added support for launching content using your theme’s built-in button:

Added better support for ungraded questions in the Reports.

= 5.90 =
Added beta support for xAPI tracking in Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise content. You’ll see two new menu items under Articulate including Reports & Statement Viewer. Reports will enable you to see how a user scored on content including their answers. Simply click on the score percentage to see that user’s details. Statement Viewer can be used to see the raw data that is getting sent through the xAPI statements. While this update has been thoroughly tested, I recommend only installing this when you have time to troubleshoot any problems that may arise including plugin installation failures or even fatal errors. For a walkthrough of the new xAPI support, check out this video:

= 5.87 =
Fixed issue where uploads wouldn’t complete in local dev environments like WAMP
Improved error messaging in several places
Improved jquery calls
Prevent PHTML files from being uploaded
Fixes issue with Divi builder

= 5.86 = October 17, 2019
Added better support for SCORM and AICC files.
Added better messaging when a file upload is complete.
Added better support for really large files.
Fixed an issue where custom sizing for iframes didn’t work properly if you used the Gutenberg editor.
Lots of additional changes behind the scenes.

= 5.85 = June 29, 2019
Fixed a security vulnerability that enabled a user outside of your WordPress installation (via curl or other methods) to remotely upload files. Please upgrade immediately.

= 5.84 = June 24, 2019
Prevents PHP files from being uploaded and prevents them from running if they’re already there.

= 5.83 = May 13, 2019
Fixes security vulnerability in tar module. Please upgrade immediately.
Adds custom button functionality to “open in same window” & “open in new window.”
Substantially improved the UI for custom buttons and fixed several bugs around them.
Added compatibility for Pantheon servers.
When a file upload error occurs, we no longer create a blank directory.
Added support for the Vivaldi browser.
Substantially improved the uploader.

= 5.82 = March 4, 2019
Fixed issue with LifterLMS and other plugins that used the text editor. Added better messaging when 200 errors occur.

= 5.81 = January 14, 2019
Cleaned up Gutenberg support where styling was lacking. Simplified the Gutenberg interface.

= 5.8 = December 20, 2018
Adds basic Gutenberg support via a new e-Learning block.

= 5.7 = November 2, 2018
Added support for iSpring files published to Tin Can / xAPI

= 5.6 = October 16, 2018
Added support for CoursePress Learning Management System. This plugin also supports LearnPress and LearnDash. Added better support for Articulate Rise SCORM courses. Added better error messaging when an HTML file can’t be found.

= 5.5 =
NEW! iFrames can now be inserted with a new “Responsive” setting. Once you select Reponsive, you’ll set your aspect ratio (either 4:3 or 16:9). This ensures your content looks great in an iframe no matter the device or your theme! If that doesn’t give you the look you want, select Custom and set your width and height to whatever works best for your content. This only impacts newly uploaded content or content reinserted from the Content Library.

= 5.4 =
Fixed misc errors and warnings caused by the previous update.

= 5.3 =
Added better support for legacy Captivate and iSpring content. Updated Activation system to give better error messages when they occur. Fixed JavaScript and CSS calls that cause the Media Library to not function properly with certain themes.

= 5.2 =
Fixed upload issue caused by jquery changes. Thanks Bryan

= 5.1 =
Fixed upgrade loop and changed jquery calls to resolve plugin conflicts.

= 5.0.2 =
Fixed a bug where a Lightbox would show the controls more than once with Rise content.
Added support for most popular e-learning tools including Captivate, iSpring, Lectora, and more.

= 5.0.1 =
Scrolling is turned off by default for iframes.

= 5.0.0 =
Content will now use relative links instead of absolute links. This should help resolve most mixed content errors.

= 4.28 =
Added better text on how to activate the Premium plugin.

= 4.27 =
Resolved an issue where files couldn’t be uploaded in the Edge browser.

= 4.26 =
Resolved an issue where a zip file created on a Mac wouldn’t upload properly.

= 4.25 =
Resolved an issue where the upload window would take over the whole site instead of opening in a lightbox. This caused multiple upload issues on some sites where there were JavaScript conflicts. Added info in the FAQ on how to resolve HTTP 200 upload errors.

= 4.2.4 =
Resolved an issue where uploads will fail to extract the zip contents on some sites. Thanks to Jonathan Simcina for the fix

= 4.2.3 =
Resolved an issue with a blank window when uploading content on some sites that use page builder themes. Thanks to Jonathan Simcina for the fix

= 4.2.2 =
Resolved a plugin conflict with WPLMS theme and their Vibes Shortcode plugin
Resolved a plugin conflict with the Visual Composer plugin
Fixed another bug where scripts and styles for this plugin were being loaded on pages where they weren’t needed

= 4.2.1 =
Fixed a bug where scripts and styles for this plugin were being loaded on pages where they weren’t needed
Fixed a bug where the Themes dropdown wouldn’t load in the Lightbox page

= 4.2.0 =
Fixed another bug where dropdowns no longer worked in Wordpress admin

= 4.1.9 =
Fixed a bug where dropdowns no longer worked in Wordpress admin

= 4.1.8 =
Fixed a bug where the custom button wasn’t saving properly
New look and feel
Added compatibility with Articulate 360
Added compatibility with Rise

= 4.1.7 =
Fixed a bug where uploads didn’t get extracted into the target directory

= 4.1.6 =
Fixed a bug where uploads weren’t completing

= 4.1.5 =
Resolves error 200 that some users were experiencing by utilizing Wordpress’s unzip function

= 4.1.4 =
Uploads no longer rely on server settings. That means no more updating php.ini files or contacting your web host. Upload huge files without running into timeouts!

= 4.1.3 =
Fixed a bug where a deep zip file wouldn’t upload properly

= 4.1.2 =
Removed annoying admin notice that appeared for some users

= 4.1.1 =
Misc. bug fixes

= 4.1 =
Added multi-site or network support

= 4.0 =
Added support for custom lightbox sizing
Added support for custom launch buttons
Added themes
Added the ability to disable scroll bars when you launch with a lightbox
Added support for custom transitions in the default lightbox
Added support for the Nivo lightbox
Added support for custom transitions in the Nivo lightbox
Added a Dashboard that displays on the left side of the Admin panel in Wordpress
Crushed bugs

= 3.2 =
Added support for Articulate Studio ’13 including Presenter ’13, Engage ’13, and Quizmaker ’13

= 2.00 =
Added lightbox support via Colorbox
Added the ability to launch the content with a link or a Launch Presentation button

= 1.04 =
Fixed short tag created when adding Storyline content (story.html) (Thanks to David Burton)
Added additional information in the readme.txt on handling the -1 error and other upload errors

= 1.03 =
Fixed call to quiz.png for all users

= 1.02 =
Fixed call to quiz.png for some browsers

= 1.01 =
Fixed call to jquery

= 1.0 =
Initial version.


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