Replacing the slide thumbnail in Articulate Online

If you’ve ever published a course to Articulate Online, one of the things you’ll notice is the thumbnail that is associated with your course. Essentially, it is a thumbnail of the first slide in your presentation. So, what happens if you use a Flash file or even a web object for your first slide?

Understanding Published Quality

By default, Articulate Presenter ’09 publishes content so that it is optimized for web delivery. This means that the Quality factor of the image will be 75, the resize factory will be 2, and the Audio bitrate will be 32 kbps. In order to compare the various publishing quality options at my disposal, I created a quick presentation that contains both a high quality image and audio.

Articulate Studio ’09 now supports MP4 files

If you downloaded the latest Update for Articulate Studio ’09, you may not notice that the software supports importing MP4 files. The MP4 files must be encoded with the H.264 codec. Although there are a lot of programs that can convert files to MP4, not many of them support the H.264 codec.