xAPI Now Available for Storyline and Rise

We’re excited to announce that xAPI support is now available for Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise content. To get started, verify that you have version 5.90 of the elearningfreak plugin installed. Then, publish your content items to xAPI in Storyline or Rise.

You’ll see two new menu items under Articulate including Reports & Statement Viewer. Reports will enable you to see how a user scored on content including their answers. Simply click on the score percentage to see that user’s details. Statement Viewer can be used to see the raw data that is getting sent through the xAPI statements. While this update has been thoroughly tested, I recommend only installing this when you have time to troubleshoot any problems that may arise including plugin installation failures or even fatal errors.

Check out this video for a quick walkthrough of the features:

Our plugin works great as a stand-alone LMS or LRS or can work with any existing LMS plugin or theme you have installed in WordPress.

Need help publishing your Storyline content to xAPI? See this guide here: https://www.elearningfreak.com/publish-storyline-xapi-tin-can/


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