Replacing the slide thumbnail in Articulate Online

If you’ve ever published a course to Articulate Online, one of the things you’ll notice is the thumbnail that is associated with your course.  Essentially, it is a thumbnail of the first slide in your presentation.  So, what happens if you use a Flash file or even a web object for your first slide?  This happens:


That’s right!  You get a thumbnail that doesn’t really represent your course at all.  Wouldn’t you rather have a thumbnail that looks something like this?


To replace the thumbnail for your content in Articulate Online, you will need to use the following method:

  1. Publish your project locally to Articulate Online (note:  the process is detailed on Articulate’s site if you are unfamiliar with it)
  2. When your course has finished publishing, click on the Open Folder button
  3. You should see a file with the .art6 file extension.  Right click the file, choose rename, & change the extension from .art6 to .zip
  4. Using your favorite art program (MS Paint, Artweaver, or Photoshop), create a 163 (width) x 123 (height) image and save it as thumbnail.png
  5. Double-click the zip file that you renamed earlier and you should see the thumbnail.png file that is currently associated with your project
  6. Drag the new thumbnail.png file that you created into the folder & replace the file
  7. After replacing the file, go back to the .zip file and rename it back to .art6
  8. Finally, manually upload the file to your Articulate Online account

Once you’ve completed the above process, your content will look much more appealing:


If you’re having trouble manually editing your .art6 file, Dave Moxon covered this subject back in April of 2008.  Please click here to see that article.

Although I haven’t tested it, you should be able to do the same thing to your Engage or Quizmaker content.  Please comment if you have tried this on other types of content!


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