Articulate releases Update 4 for Studio ’09

Last week, Articulate released the highly anticipated Update 4 for Studio ’09.  Not only does it include many bug fixes, bug several enhancements as well.  Here’s a few of the highlights from the release notes:

Presenter ’09

  • Added support for ability to set frame rate on slides
  • Added switch to disable check for updates in registry and UI
  • Added support for automated manual activation process to improve response time for email activations
  • Fixed issue where Flash movie set to play independently could not be resized

Engage ’09

  • Fixed issue with Flipbook interactions where inserted FLV files did not stop playing when navigating to the next step
  • Fixed issue that affected all Community Interactions where the audio sometimes got cut off in some steps.

Quizmaker ’09

  • Added support for removing correct answer from quiz review
  • Added support for Answer Level feedback in Word output
  • Added more robust support for really large quizzes
  • Fixed issue where finish button would not work on Macs
  • Fixed issues with Goes to URL in Firefox

Video Encoder ’09

  • Fixed issue with UI_AdminRequiredNotice error when launching Video Encoder
  • Fixed issues with Web Cam Recording errors for Logitech WebCam
  • Fixed issue where recording time would reset to 0 when hitting stop

If you haven’t already installed Update 4, I highly recommend it as it includes changes to how audio is handled in Presenter ’09.