Publish Chinese text in Presenter ’09 with the Simsun font


I was working on a presentation today from a client in China and everything was going pretty well.  I had inserted a few Quizmaker quizzes and Engage interactions with no problems whatsoever.  After I published the presentation in Presenter ’09, all of the fonts became garbled and unreadable.  The fonts looked exactly correct in PowerPoint, but not in the published project.  On top of that, I had already changed my Presentation Options to “non-western” languages.  Come to find out, all I needed to do was install the SimSun font and make sure that all of the text in the presentation was also of the SimSun font.

Therefore, if you are having trouble publishing Chinese text in Presenter ’09, please use the following method to correct the issue:

  1. Download and install the SimSun font:
  2. Open the presentation
  3. Highlight the text on each slide
  4. Change the font to Arial
  5. Then, change the font to SimSun
  6. Publish the file.

If you continue to have problems, change all of the text to a unicode font like  Arial Unicode MS.  


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